The coffee list!

In the previous post, I talked about finding “my coffee” here in Oxford, including a photo showing cards of places I’ve been to and which clearly suggested that I needed to pick ONE place and rack up the points. Not all the cafes I’ve been to offer cards, though – that, or I missed a few.

So here’s my list of visited shops:

Hackett’s (Summertown. Now closed…since today.)
Starbucks (Summertown, City Centre…I know, but these visits were in the days I needed reliable wifi)
Costa (Summertown)
Caffe Nero (Gloucester Green)
Combibos Coffee (Gloucester Green)
Modern Art Oxford Cafe and Bar (Wins for best decor! Will have to write about this one, too!)
Art/Greens Cafe (near Westgate)
Said Business School Cafe
The Missing Bean

So, obviously not the most extensive list, and it does include a few chains. Still! You always have to give them a sip, right? I’m waiting to try coffee at:

Vaults & Garden Cafe (when I’m not wolfing down their meals)
The Jam Factory
The Albion Beatnik
Zappi’s Bike Cafe
The Grand Cafe
Queen’s Lane Coffee House
Magic Cafe (also need to try a meal here. Vegetarian!!)
News Cafe

Many more on the list!

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